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Success Stories and Digital Transformation

Food & Beverage

– E-Commerce

CaffèLab is a Tuscan brand specialized  in specialty coffee, blends and tools for coffee.

The client’s goal was to increase revenue and return on ad spend (ROAS) from Paid channels.


Blended ROAS
Return On Ad Spend of 4,79x


Blended ROAS increase
Blended ROAS increase of + 2% compared to the previous year.


ROAS Google
3.45x return on investment in Google Ads.


Average Order Value Google
Average order value from Google Ads increase of + 9% from the previous year.


Average Order Value Facebook
Average order value deriving from Facebook Ads increase of + 4% compared to the previous year.

Manufacturer and Retailer in Lighting Industry

– E-Commerce

Stefi Illuminazione is a Tuscan brand that has been operating in the interior lighting industry for over 40 years.

The client’s goal was to increase Brand Awareness and, consequently, sales and turnover.

The results obtained during the collaboration period derive from the implementation of constantly optimized and various types of campaigns.


ROAS Google
Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) Google


ROAS Facebook
Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) Facebook

Retailer in DIY Industry

– E-Commerce

Our client operates in the DIY sector with e-commerce and physical store in Marcianise (Caserta).

The goal was to increase sales and ROAS from e-commerce by maximizing the return on advertising expenses.

The results we have obtained are the result of constant monitoring and optimization.


ROAS Google YoY (Primary Channel)
Conversion costs (CPA) decrease of 24% from the previous period


Average Order Value (YoY)
+15% increase of average amount of a single order


ROAS Facebook YoY (Secondary Channel)
Average ROAS of 2.02 per year

Settore Fashion

– E-Commerce

Our client operates in the Fashion sector offering sustainable clothes made from textile scraps and waste in order to take advantage of the circular economy.

The goal was to increase revenue and ROAS from Paid channels.

Thanks to a studied and constantly optimized strategy, these are the results we have obtained.


Revenue from Paid Channel YoY
Return on Investment of +673%


Ad Spend Facebook YoY
+80% Ad Spend YoY


Conversion Rate Paid Channel YoY
+ 407% conversion on the Paid YoY Channel


Ad Spend Google YoY
+328% Budget invested in Google Advertising


– Lead Generation

Our client’s goal was to generate a greater number of contacts interested in buying cars.

We have studied a plan that integrates the strategic aspect to the creation of the creatives necessary for Google and Facebook Ads and we have implemented Email Marketing & Marketing Automation.


Leads Generated Facebook
1027 contacts generated through Facebook ads


Leads Generated Google Ads
282 contacts generated through Google ads


CPL Facebook
Cost per Lead: price for the acquisition of a single lead through Facebook Ads


CPL Google
Cost per Lead: price for the acquisition of a single lead through Google Ads

Heating & Air Conditioning

– E-Commerce

Discover all the amazing results achieved with a brand operating in the heating & Air Conditioning sector!


  • Increase Conversions and Returns deriving from Shopping Campaigns.
  • Reduction and Stabilization of the Cost of Purchasing Shopping Campaigns.
  • Increased Return on Investment.


+ 2.279,55& di ROAS Shoping
-90,1% CPA Shopping
2x Budget Increase


ROAS Shopping
Return on Advertising Spend +2279,56%


CPA Shopping
Reduction of cost per acquisition -90.1%


Budget Increased
Increased Budget x2

Lighting Sector​

– E-Commerce

Imagine you have a business that is already good offline.

And Suddenly, at the most useful moment, opening up to the Online market.

Why not expand to the max?


E-commerce Revenue
Growth of the E-commerce Revenue +600%


+ 537% Transactions carried out


Average Order​
Average order growth +10%


4.3x Return on Advertising Spend

Educational Sector​

– Lead Generation

Another case in which you don’t have to give up and find the right partner to help you achieve your goals.

In this case The Client, a player who has been operating in the online training sector for several years in the Italian market, has for many years invested in Paid campaigns through different channels Without Ever Achieving satisfactory results, both in terms of CPL (Cost per Lead), that of CPA (Cost per Acquisition / action), and of ROAS (Return on Advertising Spending).

The client’s objectives were clear right from the start:

  • Reduction of CPL,
  • Reduction of CPA,
  • Increase in Number of Subscribers,
  • Satisfactory ROAS.


Number of new leads +17,362%


Cost per lead reduction of -79.5%


Return on Advertising Spend ​​x7


New Students​
+ 350% increase in new registrations.


Cost per acquisition reduction of -59%

Dental Sector

– Web Development & Seo

A Historic Dental Practice in Central Italy was not quite up to date and risked being crushed by the New Realities of the area:

Unresponsive website and not mobile friendly.
Heavy antique design
No SEO Optimization for Search Engines.

Webgas has identified and solved all the problems and finally pushed the activity of the studio towards a new and prosperous era.


New Leads from Organic Research​
Lead growth through organic positioning +1,300%


Increase number of visitors to the website + 1,200%.


+ 800% increase in website views


Click-through rate growth of +600%

Skincare Sector

– E-Commerce

The Client had already invested in Media Buying without great success before meeting us.

He was a bit skeptical about investing due to his past experiences.

After working with us, not only he changed his mind, his E-commerce has achieved very ambitious growth targets!

  • Increase the number of
    E-Commerce transactions (+ 1400%)
  • Increase the E-Commerce Conversion Rate (+ 276.12%)
  • Increase ROAS (6.7x)

+ 2.23%

Google Ads Conversion Rate
Conversion Rate on Google Ads +2.23%

+ 20.625,9

Google Ads Conversion Value
Google Ads Conversion Value + 20,625,9

+ 609%

Google Ads ROAS
+609% Return on Advertising Spend on Google Ads

€ 12,9

Facebook Cost per Purchase
Facebook Cost per Purchase €12.9

+ 7.041,6

Facebook Ads Conversion Value
Facebook Ads Conversion Value + 7.041,6


Facebook ADS ROAS

+ 279%

+ 279% Return on Advertising Spend on Facebook

Food Sector

– Lead Generation, Pay per Clic

A new adventure with great satisfaction for this Startup that operates in the Italian Food sector.

Being a very young Startup, it had not invested large budgets in Media Buying activities yet.

Its investment proved profitable!


New Leads
+3.212% Leads


Cost per Lead = 2.03€

Cosmetics Sector

– E-Commerce, Pay per Clic

The Client is a player operating in the italian cosmetics sector.

Before meet us he had invested in Media Buying without being able to achieve satisfactory ROAS results.

Together with Webgas he got excellent returns on his favorite channels.


Facebook ROAS
Facebook Return on Advertising Spend 5,5x


Google ADS Return on Advertising Spend 3,3x
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