Pay per Click – Educational Sector

The Context

The customer in question is a brand that operates in the training sector, offering solutions in e-learning mode.

The Problem

Unsatisfactory results
The client has invested for about two years of the budget in PPC campaigns without achieving satisfactory results. Specifically, as evidenced by the photo below, during the two years September 2016 – September 2018 invested in Google Ads campaigns 56,453, generating only 1145 conversions (Leads) at a cost per lead of 49.3 euros.

2nd Problem: Account Structure
The customer’s Google Ads account had a very simplified structure, including a single generic campaign. Within this, there were 3 very generic ad groups. In summary, a non-optimal structure and not able to collect fundamental insights to optimize marketing efforts.

Strategy & Action

Initially WebGas proposed an action plan to the customer, including initial setup activities and continuous optimization actions for the tracking and improvement part of the campaigns. Some of the key activities identified are:

  • Synergistic Collaboration
  • Data Analysis
  • Google Ads Account Structure and Strategy
  • Services Campaigns Division
  • Target Segment Profiling
  • Display Campaigns
  • Facebook Ads Campaigns

Detailed Proposed Solutions

The client sought an agency that could work closely with its internal team to achieve its common goals. Thanks to the close relationship between the brand’s marketing team and the Webgas team, the campaigns have been able to generate excellent results in terms of Cost per Lead, ROI and ROAS.

The starting point of Webgas’ strategy was to analyze and understand the available data to identify potential critical issues and identify potential areas for improvement.

Data sources were multiple, including CRM, Google Analytics, Google Ads, Linkedin Ads and external data on third-party platforms.

In the first instance, then, Webgas aggregated the different numbers and created the first visualizations of data so that you had a holistic view of the business. This initial and in-depth analysis of the data enabled the team to gain a solid and scientific first understanding of potential performance deficiencies to be filled.

These key elements helped Webgas develop a customized strategy tailored to the customer’s needs. In particular, an executive summary was created to highlight the key challenges that different teams were facing and the technological and procedural gaps to be filled to optimize processes and maximize returns.

The document also included a detailed action plan with a timeline, a RACI matrix, and a GANTT.

The next step was to define key performance indicators (KPIs) that are critical with the customer to track the final results and ensure that the project execution was flawless.  

As highlighted in the problems section, the customer’s initial Google Ads account had a very basic structure, in which it was not possible to profile the target users more and consequently not to make the various optimizations.

As a first step, WebGas completely restructured the customer’s account.

The campaigns were divided according to the services to be advertised.

With this more suitable and more profiled structure, Webgas was able to identify Specific Targets to target.

After collecting a statistically significant amount of data, Webgas, in synergy with the customer’s team, proposed creatives, copies and personalized ads to the various target segments of the individual services offered.

Webgas, exploiting the power of the Google Display Network, has managed to design several successful Display campaigns, also in this case, profiled according to the various segments identified.

The old agency that ran the customer’s PPC campaigns did not advertise the services offered on Facebook, one of the most used platforms by one of the main targets identified. By reproducing the google ads structure, Webgas has also been able to record excellent results on Facebook Ads.


Google Ads

After starting working with the customer in 2018, Webgas was able to significantly improve the results of the account in question. As shown in the photo below, the account recorded 4909 conversions (Contact Form Compilation), at a cost of only 10.1 euros.  Comparing the respective data with the previous two years as shown in the previous photo, the number of conversions (contact form compilation)  increased by 328.7. In addition, the cost per conversion decreased by 79.5, from 49.3 euros to the current 10.10 euros.

Facebook Ads

By reproposing the structure designed on Google Ads, Webgas has re-proposed a similar one on Facebook. 8229 contacts were registered at a cost of only 7.9 euros per contact, compared with an advertising investment of 65,433.3 euros.




New Subscribers


Return on Advertising Spend: 7X


Reduction of Cost Per Lead -79,5%


Cost Per Acquisition -59%
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