CaffèLab – Food & Beverage

Background & Goals

CaffèLab is a Tuscan brand specialized in specialty coffee, blends and coffee tools.

Both niche products and more commercial blends can be found on the online store.

The target buyers are individuals and companies both in Italy and abroad.

In the specialty coffee niche in Italy, the store stands out from its competitors in terms of the level and variety of its assortment.

  • Mission:

Promoting premium and niche coffee consumption, responding to a refined demand that consideres drinking coffee an experience, seeking sensations both in terms of notes in taste and values in the production process, such as equity and sustainability.

Considering the business’ growth, the client’s goal was to increase revenue and return on ad spend (ROAS) from Paid channels.


Strategy and Actions

WebGas proposed an action plan to the client, including ongoing activities and optimization actions for the tracking and campaign improvementpart.

Some of the key activities identified are:

  • Definition of Customer Journey and Conversion Funnel
  • Tecchnical setup of campaigns on Facebook Ads e Google Ads
  • Continued Strategy of Data Measurement and Analysis line with increased spending of the advertising budget
  • Segmentation and Sculpting Campaigns Search + Performance max
  • Reduction and Stabilization of CPA Google
  • Reduction and Stabilization of the purchase cost Facebook Ads
  • Budget Scaling Google and Facebook Ads
  • Creation of interactive and integrative dashboard for viewing data on Data studio


Results achieved in the period
September 2021- July 2022 can be summarized in the following points:


Blended ROAS
Return on advertising spend of 4.79x


Blended ROAS Increase
Blended ROAS up +2% from previous year.


ROAS Google
3.45x return on investment in Google Ads.


Average Order Value Facebook
Value of an average order derived from Facebook Ads up +4% from previous year.


Average Order Value Google
Value of an average order derived from Google Ads up 9% from previous year.

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