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Discover Smart E-commerce Strategy: our Intelligent and tailored Strategy to multiply your E-commerce sales.

Are you really maximizing your returns on investment?

An e-commerce without a solid digital marketing strategy is like a boat on the open sea without a working compass; but if your e-commerce growth is held back by an ineffective strategy, you could lose more than just a few customers.

Every week, your ecommerce business risks losing thousands due to poor strategy and becoming invisible to your potential customers as it is absorbed by the mass of competition.

Here are some factors that can hold back the growth of your business:

Do any of these factors sound familiar?
If the answer is ‘Yes,’ then it’s time to turn your e-commerce strategy around.

Webgas’ Smart E-commerce Strategy is the solution designed to take your e-commerce to the next level, increasing sales and Return on Investment (ROI).

The results of the Smart E-Commerce Strategy

Our Smart E-commerce Strategy enhanced with Artificial Intelligence (AI) has enabled our clients to achieve annual growth rates of 20% to 600%.

Here are just a few examples:

Furniture Sector







Fashion Sector







Food & Beverage Sector







Plumbing and Heating Sector







Are you ready to turn your e-commerce into our next success story?

At Webgas, we strongly believe that trust is built through tangible results, and these are our customers’ responses to our ongoing commitment to them:

They have already chosen us

” In just 6 months they optimized all our marketing campaigns. I recommend Webgas to everyone.

Bianca Bernini

– CafeLab –


The Webgas guys handle all our advertising activities.
We recommend everyone to work with their agency.

Alessio Perrucci

– Climaconvenience.com –


Every month we analyze together the performance of our site and optimize the budget to be allocated to marketing.
We are very pleased with this collaboration.

Giulia Mucci

– Stefiillumination.co.uk –


Webgas has helped us tremendously in our online growth, with support on an almost weekly basis!
I highly recommend this agency.

Niccolò Cipriani

– Rifò Lab –


The Webgas guys are good, passionate and attentive to our needs.
Qundi: Recommended!

Marco Agnolin

– A Better Mistake –


The Webgas folks have helped us publicize our projects and make our activities known to a wider audience.
We are very satisfied!

Stefania Spadoni

– The Bolt –


What is the Smart E-Commerce Strategy?

Our Smart E-commerce Strategy offers two powerful solutions for your e-commerce:

A concentrated package to boost your advertising campaigns, ideal if your main goal is to optimize and maximize your advertising activities.

A comprehensive Growth strategy, encompassing every aspect of digital marketing for overall, sustained growth.

Choose the path that best suits your business needs and goals.

Ads Strategy

Total Duration: 2 Weeks

Market Analysis

Identify the best opportunities in your industry

Goal Setting & KPIs

Set clear and measurable goals

Audit Tracking & Measurement

Optimize your ability to track results

CRO Conversion Funnel Analysis

Enhances the customer journey to maximize conversions

Ads Strategy & Media Plan

Targeted advertising strategies to maximize ROI

Total Duration: 4 Weeks

Includes the services of Ads Strategy and adds:

Email & Marketing Automation Strategy

Automate and personalize your communication

SEO Audit & P.R. Link Building Prospecting

Optimize your online presence and build valuable relationships

Social Media & Content Marketing Strategy

Engage your audience with relevant content and social strategies

Influencers Prospecting

Collaborate with influencers to expand your reach

Ads Strategy 360 Growth Strategy
Total Duration
2 Weeks
4 Weeks
Market Analysis
Setting Goals and KPIs
Audit Tracking and Measurement
CRO Conversion Funnel Analysis
Ads Strategy & Media Plan
Setup Ads Accounts & Kickoff
Email & Marketing Automation Strategy
SEO Audit & P.R. Link Building Prospecting
Social Media & Content Marketing Strategy
Influencers Prospecting
2 hrs Digital Productivity Tools Bootcamp

Our marketing solutions, fully customizable to your needs, are unique in the Italian market and have been developed to offer you valuable added value that can set you apart from the crowd.

Choose the strategy that best aligns with your business goals and budget and start transforming your e-commerce today.

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The value of Ads Strategy: become number one for your customers

Choose to be seen and recognized in the marketplace!

With Ads Strategy you buy not just a service but a vision of growth and success for your business; it is a concrete step toward realizing the full potential of your e-commerce.

Here is in brief The Value Added of the Ads Strategy:

Detailed Market Analysis: Imagine having a map that shows you exactly where your customers are and what they want. With our market analysis, we provide you with this key to understanding your audience and hitting the mark.

Customized Goal Setting and KPIs: Think of clear, measurable goals as the beacon that guides your ship. We help you set up these beacons, ensuring that each action leads to concrete results.

Comprehensive Audit for Tracking and Measurement: Don’t let your efforts go to waste. With our audit, you make sure you track every click, every view and every conversion, resulting in optimized measurement and insight into your campaigns.

C.R.O. Audit of the Conversion Funnel: Imagine turning more visitors into paying customers. With our audit of your conversion funnel, we help you identify frictions and bottlenecks and prioritize high-impact optimizations to improve each step of the customer journey and your conversion rate.

Targeted Advertising Strategy and Media Plan: Discover the power of an advertising strategy that speaks directly to the hearts of your customers. We create media plans that not only attract attention but also enchant and convert.

Simply put, with Ads Strategy you get a concentrated package to enhance your advertising campaigns; an ideal solution if your main goal is to optimize and maximize your advertising activities.

360 Growth Strategy: the strategy map for dominating your market

If you are not content to compete but want to dominate the market, with 360 Growth Strategy you can finally expand your marketing arsenal and embrace a total growth vision for your e-commerce.

Here is in brief The Value Added of the 360 Growth Strategy:

All the Value of Ads Strategy: Start with all the benefits of our Ads Strategy, laying the foundation for successful advertising marketing.

Email & Marketing Automation Strategy: Imagine having a system that works for you 24/7, sending personalized messages that turn leads into loyal customers. Our email marketing and automation strategy does just that, building lasting relationships and increasing sales.

SEO Audit & P.R. Link Building Prospecting: Think of the Internet as a vast ocean. Our SEO Audit is the compass that guides you to visibility, while prospect link building and PR is the network that captures your audience’s attention and trust.

Social Media & Content Marketing Strategy: Enter the world where your customers spend their time. We create content that not only speaks their language, but engages, educates and entertains them, turning your socials into vibrant communities.

Influencers Prospecting: Imagine having ambassadors for your brand who amplify your message. We identify influencers who can get your brand in front of a wider, more relevant audience.

360 Growth Strategy is a commitment to excellence, a journey toward growth that permeates every aspect of your online business.

Choose today to not only compete, but to dominate in your market.

Webgas is the ideal choice for your e-commerce.

The proprietary Webgas Smart E-commerce Strategy methodology is the result of years of international experience gained in the field by our agency, co-founded by Drs. Antonio and Giovanni Tresca.

Antonio Tresca

CEO & Co-Founder

A former Google manager and a specialist in Economics and Management of Innovation and Technology at Bocconi University, Antonio was able to precisely study search algorithms, market trends and best practices used to generate quality traffic.

During his experience through Silicon Valley, Italy, Poland, Ireland, working for important realities, Antonio has studied fast growing international companies’ most effective growth methodologies, implementing them in the WebGas Methodology.

Giovanni Tresca

CMO & Co-Founder

A Marketing Management major at LUISS University in ROME, Giovanni is a 360-degree digital marketing expert.

Since 2020, he is recognized as an official Google Ads Product Expert thanks to his valuable contributions in the official Google Ads Italia community. He manages an advertising portfolio of over 10M per year as a Media Buying and PPC Specialist at WebGas.net.

Through these experiences, our company has developed a unique and innovative methodology which offers a holistic approach to digital marketing, focusing on the development of Evidence-based strategies aimed at creating competitive advantage for our clients, enabling them to thrive in a rapidly changing market and turn their users into loyal customers.

This has enabled us to forge partnerships with the world’s largest Tech companies, such as:

The benefits of the Smart E-commerce Strategy

With our methodology, you can leverage the best practices of digital marketing and our innovative strategies to take your online business to another level and create a real gap with your competitors.

Specifically,  the Smart E-Commerce Strategy will help you to: