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We implement and optimize email marketing with Klaviyo in order to convert your contacts database to clients.

Your email marketing Doesn't convert as you would expect?

Do you want to change platform for email marketing?

Wouldn't you prefer a 100% Shopify-integrable platform?

We are certificate Klaviyo Partner

Rely on a certified Klaviyo Partner: optimize and scale your marketing processes thanks to automation and email marketing.

That way, you can focus on your business and let the agency take care of the rest.

Being a Klaviyo Partner in practice:

Opportunities for growth

Access to new opportunities thanks to Klaviyo’s features and email marketing.

Assistance and support

Continuous support from Klaviyo Team, assisting and supporting in every situation.


Team trained through frequent online learning sessions accessible only to Klaviyo Partners.

Tools and resources

Exclusive access to sales improvement resources and tools library.

Klaviyo - Shopify Integration

The Klaviyo-Shopify integration is the perfect solution for e-commerce owners.

Indeed, Klaviyo is an Email Marketing platfor specifically developed for e-commerces. Through the implementation of conversion-aimed email marketing strategies,and through the use of native functions, Klaviyo can support and make e-commerces grow.

Its Shopify platform integration will automate complex processes and ease performances’ tracking and improvement.

Klaviyo email marketing allows to reach high conversion rate. Implement it now, save money and time!

OurKlaviyo services:

Klaviyo migration

Klaviyo migration, implementation and tool configuration, with particular attention to activities such as:

  • all contacts import;
  • contact list cleaning;
  • website and flows synchronization.

Automated Flows devising

Implementation of new automated flows and improvement of pre-existing flows, in order to obtain higher Open Rate and Click Rate, with a better Conversion Rate as a result.

Email Marketing campaign optimization

Study and optimization of email campaigns, using advanced segmentation to reach out the right recipients with the right messages.

Analysis and reporting with Klaviyo

Data analysis and Klaviyo report visualization, from the platform, in order to identify strengths and weaknesses of the campaigns, providing the right changes to improve your performance.

The results that our campaigns have achieved

Average increase in annual turnover of our clients.
+ 0 %
Average increase in annual turnover of our clients.
0 Mln

Klaviyo for E-commerce

Reach your e-commerce full potential, retain and immediately communicate, scaling with your clients.

Klaviyo for Lead Generation

Leverage automation and email marketing to reach more contacts and communicate in an immediate and scalable way.

Klaviyo is a Marketing Automation tool with an incredible number of advanced features, both for e-commernce and lead generation automated processes.

Its advanced functions will allow you to:

  • send personalized messages to clients, based on their behavior and their purchase preferences;
  • automate data synchronization process between email marketing platform and your online store, thanks to the direct integration to the best e-commerce managers available: Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento;
  • effettuare analisi avanzata e creare reportistica personalizzata che ti consentirà, a sua volta, di monitorare i risultati delle tue campagne email e di ottimizzarle continuamente;
  • have at your disposal an excellent customer service, video tutorial, free webinar and a dedicated support team available for helping users in every moment.

Read this article to understand in detail what Klaviyo is and what it is used for.

Klaviyo it's an Email Marketing platfrom specifically developed for e-commerces.

Thanks to various features provided by Klaviyo, you can retain and communicate to your client in a more immediate, personal way, increasing the percieved valued of your products and, consequentially, genereting more revenue.

Of course!

Klaviyo isn't customized only for e-commerces.

Thanks to the integration with various marketing platforms, you can use Klaviyo in your Lead Generation funnel to automate the processes and make e-mail marketing safe and scalable.

If you have doubts on your email marketing efficiency, Klaviyo provides analysis and monitoring tools that can be used to evaluate the performance and eventually modify your strategy, in order to make it more efficient.

You can create specific reports and check KPI such as:

  • Open Rate
  • Click Rate
  • Conversion Rate
  • Churn Risk

Once these KPI are analyzed, you can decide more easily what kind of strategy is best suited for you.

Absolutely not!

The from email marketing tools to Klaviyo, if correctly completed, will allow you to have access to every data acquired until that moment.

This will allow you to create campaigns or automations based on the data from previous platforms.

Frequently asked questions

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Don’t miss this opportunity!

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Become a master of conversions and watch your profits reach for the sky with our comprehensive Black Friday & Blue Monday Checklist.

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