Discover how WebGas fasten your Business Growth by generating potential clients contacts in the Real Estate Sector

Expand your brand in the real estate industry thanks to our expertise in Digital Growth and Performance Marketing.

Do you know what affects the effectiveness of your business strategy?

The online environment is an extremely complicated one, where your business’ success depends on numerous factors and competence fields, such as online advertising, search engines optimization, social media management and data analysis.

Strategia di breve e lungo termine




Email Marketing

Social Media Management


Influencer Marketing

Efficiently managing all of these areas of expertise can rapidly become expensive for your time, resources and budget. Moreover, a non-coordinated or not accurately planned approach can lead to disappointing results and a negative impact on your online reputation.

How we can help you reach your goals

Entrusting these activities to is the right choice for your business. Our Performance Marketing and Digital Growth Company develops customized strategies to maximize your online presence, increasing sells and strengthening your identity in the Real Estate industry.

Growth & Branding Strategy

Strategie su misura per differenziare il tuo brand e farlo crescere in digitale.

Performance Ads & Data

Campagne pubblicitarie data-driven per massimizzare i tuoi ritorni.

Creatives & Content

Creatività e Contenuti per attrarre e convertire il tuo target.

Funnel E-Commerce & Lead Gen

Percorsi di Conversione ottimizzati per massimizzare il tasso di conversione.

Marketing Automation

Automazioni di Marketing per scalare la crescita del tuo busines in maniera efficiente.


Real Estate Industry experience: lwe work with brands in the real estate market and we know the challenges and the opportunities of that sector. As a consequence, we can exploit them to create winning strategies.

We are driven by data: we analyze and optimize every strategy thanks to data collected by tools for analysis and monitoring. We take decisions based on solid and measurable information, helping you maximing your return on investment.

Focus on ROI: we focus on obtaining a high-rated return on investment, developing and optimizing every marketing activity to reach measurable goals and highest profit.

Support & personal team: we work in synergy with our client to reach goals and target set.

Customization: we develop customized marketing strategies that adapt to the specific needs and goals of the client, reaching a specific type of audience.

Avanced tools: we use advanced tools and technologies to grant clients access to the best management implementations and methods for their marketing activites.

Company founded by Ex Google

Webgas is born from the experience of our Founder: Dr. Antonio Tresca, ExGoogle an M.Sc in Economics & Management of Innovation and Technology at Bocconi University. During his experience through Silicon Valley, Italy, Poland, Ireland, working for important realities, Antonio has studied fast growing international companies' most effective growth methodologies, implementing them in the WebGas Methodology. We have developed an efficient and productive methodology with the goal of setting at zero all the time and budget's unnecessary costs, favoring an exponential growth of the companies we work with.

Read the Case - Study of Accomodo

- Lead Generation

The client is a brand operating in the real estate market, particularly in the long and short time rent sector in Milan and Cagliari, since October 2022.

Since it’s a brand born thanks to the collaboration with WebGas, which has taken care of all the processes (from brand identity to advertising budget management), it didn’t have a previously developed strategy.

The main goal is to acquire qualified lead, house owners in particular, near Milan and Cagliari, in order to propose a management offer for their short and long term rents.


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Don’t miss this opportunity!

Rule the market on the hottest days

Become a master of conversions and watch your profits reach for the sky with our comprehensive Black Friday & Blue Monday Checklist.

Black Friday | Exit intent popup form | ENG

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