TikTok Ads Agency

Creation and management of engaging advertising content on TikTok, with the goal of reaching a large number of users, increasing your brand awareness and your ROAS.

Do you want your brand to be different from other competitors on TikTok?

Would you like to invest in TikTok Ads but you don't know where to start ?

Do you not know if TikTok Ads is the best advertising media for you?

What does it mean to rely on a TikTok Partner in practice:

Preview to features and updates

Access to specific data to understand the performance of your account’s feed.

Exclusive features

Exclusive access to TikTok features that aren’t available to standard users.

Prioritary support

Access to prioritary support from TikTok’s team to promptly resolve every problem.

The results that our TikTok campaigns have achieved

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Average increase in annual turnover of our clients.
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Average increase in annual turnover of our clients.

A mix of creativity, optimization and expertise that allows your Facebook ads to achieve maximum conversion.

TikTok Ads for E-commerce

Make use of the TikTok channel traffic to show your e-commerce products, increasing your sells.

TikTok Ads for Lead Generation

Acquire potential target clients’ contacts through your TikTok Ads channel.

Investing in TikTok Ads is critical to getting the word out about your products/services because it allows you to reach a wide range of users.

The budget you should invest in TikTok is not something defined, it can vary according to several factors, such as: type of product/service offered, target, refernce market, goal, Brand awareness.

So, before defining the budget, it will be necessary to conduct a deep study about the beginning stage and the previous one.

Of course!

TikTok is a good platform for lead generation, as it allows to reach an elevated number of users.

Pay attention to the target, though: s if your target is not on TikTok, then you should consider using other marketing platforms.

A TikTok Partner has access to specific analytics and data, unavailable to standard partners.

This allows to monitor advertising campaigns and have more chances of growing.

Moreover, a TikTok partner ha access to prioritary support from TikTok's team, in order to promptly solve technical issues.

Frequently asked questions

Not Only TikTok Partners

Beside having experience in TikTok Ads, our team is specialized in the creation and optimization of Meta and Google campaigns  with high return.

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