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Creation, management and optimization of TikTok campaigns to raise awareness of your business online via social media and increase revenue.

Being a TikTok Partner in concrete:

Features and updates previewed

Preview access to new features and platform updates.

Assistance and support

Dedicated TikTok team member to respond to support requests in a timely manner.


Ability to receive training on TikTok platform products and updates.

Tools and resources

Exclusive access to tools and resources to improve the performance of TikTok campaigns.

The results that our TikTok campaigns have achieved.

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Average increase in annual turnover of our clients.
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Average increase in annual turnover of our clients.

A mix of creativity, optimization and expertise to enable, your Facebook ads to achieve maximum conversion.

TikTok Ads for E-commerce

Leverage channel traffic to raise awareness of your e-commerce products and increase the likelihood of sales.

TikTok Ads for Lead Generation

Get leads from targeted prospects throughlead generationstrategies structured with TikTok Ads.

Investing in TikTok Ads is critical to getting the word out about your products/services because it allows you to reach a wide range of users.

In fact, TikTok boasts more than 1 billion users, among whom your next customers may be hiding.

The amount of budget to invest in your TikTok Ads campaigns, depends on factors such as: target audience, target market and, most importantly, goal to be achieved.

In addition, it is critical to monitor campaigns and optimize them periodically so as not to lose potential buyers.

Of course! Every e-commerce, especially in the early stages, needs to make itself known. And any better method than to take advantage of channels that host a huge pool of users per month?

TikTok Ads, supported by the study of target audience, market, and goal, can help you make your brand known.

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